Trade Unionists for Electoral Reform

As trade unionists, we pledge to fight for the democratic overhaul Britain needs

For too long, Westminster’s political system has been for the few, and by the few. Month after month, we see fresh evidence that people feel alienated and locked out by Britain’s elitist politics. On doorsteps, we hear that ‘my vote won’t count’, and ‘they don’t listen’ – and it’s hard to blame people for thinking this.

Under the current constitutional stitch-up, the right have been able to sweep away progressive gains with total impunity – propped up by a weak House of Lords and a voting system that benefits the Conservatives. Working people have the most to gain from a politics that better represents them – where all votes are counted equally, not a system in which where you live matters more than your right to vote.

Where people have won change, it has been through struggle and reforming the rules of the game before they could change society itself.

We cannot build the society we need on the broken foundations of Parliament as it is. We need our unions to adopt a clear policy to finally replace Westminster’s rigged voting system, with proportional representation. 

We are proud to launch the trade union movement for political reform – to build a politics for the many, not the few. As trade unionists, we pledge to help build the campaign for real democracy in the UK at last.

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