While the UK's press was distracted by a government reshuffle, the Tories quietly released plans to change the voting system for picking mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners – in a way they think will benefit them. 

If the proposals go ahead, the current ranked-choice (SV) method we use to elect Mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales would be removed and First Past the Post imposed.  

What does that mean? In practice, it means candidates could slip in on a fraction of the vote, rather than securing wide popular support. Voters will feel they have to vote tactically every election – rather than vote for who they actually support.

This is all part of the Tories’ plans to change the rules of the game. They already want to ban those without photo ID from voting – a change that will disenfranchise over two million voters, many of them already deeply disadvantaged by politics. And in the same Bill, ministers plan to gut our independent election watchdog.  

It’s time to sound the alarm and say to the government: STOP THE TORY ELECTION BILL


Politics for the Many are the trade union campaign for political reform.